What a weekend!

As the roughly 2.000 Star Citizen backers who attended the CIG event in Cologne can attest, it was indeed a great weekend. In fact, I think I haven’t seen so many ecstatic Germans in the same place since…well, since last year’s World Cup Final! :D

To top it all of, the first ever printed version of the Hunter comic made its way to Cologne as well. Every backer who attended the event found a German copy of the comic in their goodie bag, thanks to the efforts of my friends at C.R.A.S.H. Corps, who made this print possible. A big thank you goes out to Jared Huckaby, Chris Roberts and the people at CIG as well, who went out of their way to help us distribute the comic to every backer. All this on top of organizing a great show!

So, here is a pic of my very own copy, signed by the man, Chris Roberts himself! Now, I can also show the back cover artwork, which I haven’t posted on the site so far, for obvious reasons. The High Cathedral of Saints Peter and Mary in Cologne is a wonderful piece of architecture, at one point the tallest building in the World (between 1880 and 1890). It is simply an amazing building. I have studied a lot of images during the drawing process to try to better understand the structural details, but after seeing the actual building up close and walking around it for about an hour, I can honestly say my drawing does not even begin to do it justice. I guess you can tell how much it impressed me.

I’m still waiting for the pics from the actual event to come, very soon hopefully.

Hunter printBack cover